Diverse and Inclusive Potential

42% of Managers doubt the ability of senior management to manage change

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Only 13% of Executive Teams in the US and UK are ethnically diverse

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Confidence Resilience
Enterprise Dexterity

Organisation or Individual we can help you.

Connect, Transform, Grow

We develop 'Moxie' what we call CRED.

                                   Confidence– accelerate personal and professional confidence and social anchorage; 

                                   Resilience– build sustainable trust relationships, processes and systems; 

                                   Enterprise– execute and embed progressive processes and systems, leverage capabilities, manage risk

                                   Dexterity– extend adaptive and flexible skills, actions and connections.


Our consulting service includes management guidance, operational assistance and advisory services related to key principal areas of strategic and business planning, diversity and inclusion, reputation and risk management, capability development, operational management, change management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability advisory services.

We support you through a partnership where we offer a full end-to-end support service to help you navigate the rapidly changing business environment.

We develop comprehensive flexible and long-term management solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of individuals, teams and companies of all sizes and across all industries. 

We deliver consultancy, coaching, leadership development, training, retreats and conferences to help companies constantly evaluate their position to ensure they achieve their goals and are situated at the cutting-edge of their industry.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development services include training, retreat and coaching to organisations, board-level executives and directors, transitioning executives being groomed for future high-level roles and those who are leading organisations through times of change and transition.

CRED unlocks and strengthens potential, challenges the status quo and develops a competitive powerhouse. 

Our solutions and events are based on years of experience in industry and training. You can be confident that you are engaging with a trusted partner delivering high quality solutions and programmes.

Organisations with effective management and leadership programmes have on average 23% better results and are 32% more productive

Invest in Training

27% of transitioning leaders do not believe their organisations supported sufficiently with the right resources

Invest in Leadership Development

Transformation is 6 times more likely to succeed with s
kills development aligned with change initiatives

Invest in Consultancy

2.4m 'accidental' managers

Invest in Coaching


in Profile

We work with you to achieve your goals
Collaborating for Long Term Relationships

We evaluate interactive competences to drive improvements in social anchorage.

Co-operative behaviours and the ability to negotiate mutually beneficial solutions supports long-term relationships and drives dynamic growth opportunities.

Delivering Impactful Change

We facilitate the challenging of status quo ensuring a robust rationale for change.

In supporting change design and implementation, we facilitate the navigation of contemporary challenges, stakeholder management and communication.

Developing Future-Proofed Leaders

We have leadership development training programmes for C-level executives, managers and those transitioning levels.
Through a combination of engagement and leadership development strategies, we help organisations become fully prepared to manage challenges and drive growth.

Embedding an Inclusive Culture

We help you make a success of diversity in all areas. By enabling an inclusive and adaptive culture that understands diversity is crucial for progressive thinking, innovation, growth and success, your organisation will be prepared to face the challenges of the ever-evolving global business environment.

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