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Practical Customised Solutions

Unprecedented change in macro and micro environmental conditions are changing organisations.

Moxie Global can help you address critical challenges and opportunities through our consulting, coaching and

leadership development solutions. Our customised solutions and advise will help to future proof your workforce,

and help your business - multinational or SME to enable, accelerate, grow and sustain results.

Dynamic engagement with focus on accelerating the growth and success of senior executives and your organisation’s objectives.

We take a collaborative approach to driving transformational change with relevant, integrated and action-oriented organisational change programmes with aligned leadership development.

Our underlying value proposition focuses on change through collaborative action. 

We inspire through relationships and develop through capability evaluation working with you to meet organisational needs.

Leading the Way

We support intellectual engagement and relationship building.

Which way are you Leading?

We support you to focus above and beyond the bottom line.

The Way Forward

Working together, we focus on people. People are at the heart of any organisation. The talent in an organisation drives results. Spark a Moxie model employee learning experience that integrates the fosters a culture of collaboration and change. In fact, a “people and culture” transformation is the heart of every transformation. In an age of ever-evolving change, people are more critical to your competitiveness and growth.

Sustaining and growing business is borne out of distinctiveness and collaboration.

In this journey together, we partner to create a distinctive advantage for organisations. Accelerate the capabilities of your workforce today.

Elizabeth, the Moxie Global Founder, is pro active, organised and always was aware about the new changes in the technology environment of business, she helped us draw effective business plans and the importance of networking.
Lezo Putsure
LSBU Alumni and Founder, Nagaland Job Centre
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