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Transforming business

We are in a challenging time where we all need to draw on knowledge and skills, develop trust relationships and collaborations. The Transforming Business series is designed to support business leaders, entrepreneurs, decision makers and teamsters.

We bring together industry experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to guide, inspire and provide relevant information for you, your people and your business. You will certainly gain new knowledge that you can immediately apply within your organisation.

Right skilling and retaining Talent for the Future of Work

The business environment is constantly evolving. To survive in this ever-changing, uncertain and complex business environment, organisations need to build a flexible and adaptable workforce. How talent is developed will determine whether a company will create value in this changing business environment. 

Lisa Seagroatt is the Founder and Managing Director of HR Fit for Purpose.  Lisa experienced a mental health breakdown in 2015 caused by bullying in the workplace. As a direct consequence of this enforced change in her career, she then set up her own business and helps business leaders to create a healthy workplace culture by looking after their employees. 

Planning amidst huge uncertainty

Leaders can set the strategic direction for their business during a time where Governments are regularly updating compliance and guidance.

Stephen Barber is a frequent contributor to television, radio and the press, having appeared in news programmes in the UK and internationally, from Australia, Canada, Greece to Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey.

Post-pandemic working practices

Leaders need to determine what it is that they want from the new ways of working. A strategy for post-pandemic working practices needs to be developed. For this to be successful there needs to be a focus on people and technology interdependencies. A specific area of concern are the strategies for collaboration at the time of anxiety, uncertainty and remote working.

Dr Mikko Areveo has senior business experience in global financial services. He has consulted widely in the UK public, private sectors, and the Fortune 500. He is a senior academic and co-author of Strategy: Theory, Practice, Implementation, published May 2020 by Oxford University Press.

Diversity, inclusion and belongingness

Evidence shows that organisations committed to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are better equipped to innovate and adapt to change. Conscious and unconscious biases are however still fundamental barriers to achieving a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, which has detrimental effects on well-being, talent growth and retention and business performance. Leaders need to raise awareness of these biases as well as understand how these negatively impact the organisational culture. 

Sanchia Alasia is the former Mayor for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. An award winning specialist in equality, diversity and Human Resources. She currently works at Brunel University as their equality and diversity manager. 


Barry Ginley is also joining us to discuss how Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging enables innovation and adaptability. 

Barry has recently been selected by the Cabinet Office to Chair the South East Regional Stakeholder Group on disability; he is the Deputy-Chair of the Conservative Disability Group; a member of the Built Environment Access Panel for the London Legacy Development Corporation; former advisor to the UK governments Paralympic Legacy Advisory Group; and sits on the board of the Global Disability Innovation Hub.


Tonia Morris is the founder and chief executive officer of Simply HR, Inc., a woman – owned consulting firm that specialises in helping organisations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion, for a competitive advantage.

Tonia co-author Compassion@Work: Creating Workplaces That Engages the Human Spirt. She learned that compassion is very important in today’s workplace especially around retaining employees. 

In 2019, Tonia received the prestigious Stevie Award, which is a top international business award for women in business. She was named “Maverick of the Year” for helping organizations create inclusive work places. 

Developing Resilience in a rapidly changing business landscape

Coping with the stresses of the uncertain and ever-evolving work environment requires a resilient workforce. A focus on mental health and well-being demonstrates how a company values and supports its people. Organisations can help their employees to gain a positive attitude towards change, reducing psychological injury. How can leaders do this? How can leaders manage employee resilience and implement good practice in the workplace? 

Susan is a practitioner and an academic. She is a Business Psychologist, MA, MSC, PHD, PPABP. Susan works as a coach, consultant, mediator and an observer of working life. In addition to her private clients she is the Programme Director for Coaching at Birkbeck, University of London, teaching coaching and organisational psychology. Her book, Death & the City, uses psychoanalysis to explore organisational endings. Her latest publication. Bounce Back: how to fail fast and be resilient at work examines resilience in the workplace.

What Our attendees say


That was very helpful and enjoyable... We should have more of such top-notch speakers. I look forward to the next one..

Kunlé Ologunébi
Improvement & Change Management Specialist NHS

Over the years, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw has written impactful articles for our magazine (Bank & Entrepreneur Africa), engaging SMEs across the continent and providing tools for business growth, resilience, and profitability

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