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Horizontal Integration: Meaning, Examples And Types

So if a company wants to expand their business they either can use the horizontal path or they can use the vertical process for better outcome. On one hand, the vertical method has more control over the distribution and supply. While on the other hand, the horizontal method has more control over the market. So with this purpose in mind go ahead and choose your own techniques. Undoubtedly, marketing and sales are the most important parts of a company. In this activity, a company manages its overall distribution channels and the pricing of products, also they create promotions so that they can aware customers.

Pictures shared by authors/contributors are deemed to be authorized by them likewise. As part of its strategy, Adidas has built a strong network in football and the Olympic Games, while Reebok was particularly strong in American sports such as NFL and NBA. In addition, they both benefited from each other’s strong distribution networks, Adidas from the one in America and Reebok from Adidas global network .

horizontal integration examples

Antitrust laws are in place to protect customers from businesses whose practices are predatory in nature and aim to kill the competition with the aim to increase the price. In semiconductor manufacturing, package integration is often the last step, but the crucial one. As the demand for better thermal and power insulation techniques increases, the need for advanced package-to-die level integration will rise. Vertical integration is a corporate strategy that involves growth through streamlining operations.

A company opts for vertical integration to ensure full control over the supply of the raw materials to manufacture its products. It may also employ vertical integration to take over the reins of distribution of its products. Die and package level innovation have always provided the industry with solutions (chiplets, heterogeneous integration, big.LITTLE, etc.) that took the semiconductor design and manufacturing to a new level. Today, this synchronized work of die level-scaling with package innovation has taken the semiconductor industry towards a sub-1nm technology node.

Porter’s Value Chain Analysis

The pandemic has altered the global T&A supply chain, with several apparel brands preferring more than one sourcing destination. Further, the US-China trade war and the subsequent imposition of additional duties on Chinese T&A imports have accelerated the search of US importers for alternative sourcing destinations. Founded in 2004, Optimus is a vertically integrated manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, including advanced intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients , and finished drugs.

horizontal integration examples

This allows Disney to capture profits that would otherwise be enjoyed by another store. Even though a horizontal integration could make sense from a enterprise standpoint, there are downsides to horizontal integration for the market, especially once they succeed. The goal of the M&A with the Salomon Group was to increase sales, especially in the winter sports sector. Contrary to expectations, the integration did not deliver the expected synergies and Adidas sold the Salomon Group for €485 million in mid-2005 (Steger et al. 2007). Ultimately, the project failed because of the gloomy sales opportunities for the entire ski industry and the poor chemistry between the two CEOs .

When is vertical integration attractive for a business?

This strategy may not always be the best choice for an organization due to a lack of sufficient resources that are needed to venture into a new industry. Many manufacturing companies have built their online stores and started selling their products directly to consumers, bypassing retailers. 5.High levels of horizontal integration leads to high levels of communication within the business. 4.Cablevision will have nearly complete vertical and horizontal integration of the sports cable market. 2.”‘ Horizontal integration “‘is the process of a company increasing acquisition or merger. A good example of Forward integration is Disney acquired over 300 retail stores that market products based on Disney movies and characters.

Horizontal integration is the acquisition of a enterprise working on the identical degree of the value chain in an analogous or totally different industry. This is in contrast to vertical integration, where companies broaden into upstream or downstream activities, that are at totally different stages of manufacturing. The results of horizontal integration, when profitable, is the flexibility to produce extra revenue collectively in comparison with if they were to compete independently.

During such times, managers or the top leadership team needs hand-holding so that they continue their journey on the right track and grow their organization. Granules is a large-scale vertically integrated company that manufactures API, intermediates and finished dosages and has seven manufacturing facilities along with B2B & B2C marketing and distribution. This occurs when a firm or agency gains control of other firms or agencies performing similar marketing functions at the same level in the marketing sequence. In this type of integration, some marketing agencies combine to form a union with a view to reducing their effective number and the extent of actual competition in the market.

horizontal integration examples

To do this, one firm acquires one other that’s either earlier than or after it within the provide chain process. One of the most definitive examples of horizontal integration was Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 for a reported $1 billion. Both Facebook and Instagram operated in the same business and shared comparable manufacturing stages of their photograph-sharing providers. Even although a horizontal integration might make sense from a business standpoint, there are downsides to horizontal integration for the market, particularly once they succeed.

Horizontal Integration?

The media industry today is producing high visibility, high profits, and a major item for export to other countries. Concentration has affected the relationship between various media organizations within a single conglomerate. As the semiconductor industry moves forward with more advanced solutions, the need for package-level integration will increase horizontal integration examples further. Businesses are always looking for strategies to scale back prices and management the quality of the services they provide. Another goal was to consolidate the supply chains of both companies . Thus, the M&A enabled significant cost savings as well as revenue and profit growth through a more complete coverage of all consumer segments.

That is, media companies have become part of much larger corporations, which own a collection of other companies that may operate in highly diverse business areas. Inspiring MeMe is the world’s fastest growing platform to share articles and opinions. We are currently accepting articles, blogs, personal experiences & tips and would love to have you onboard. A major goal of M&A processes is the realization of value creation potential, which can be realized through cooperation between two companies. The intensity of the integration of the affected companies can be determined by the criteria “organizational autonomy” and “strategic interdependence” (Haspeslagh & Jemison, 1991).

  • There is a third type of vertical integration, called balanced integration, which is a judicious mix of backward and forward integration strategies.
  • At the same time that concentration of ownership has been occurring, conglomeration has been taking place.
  • In addition, the merger enabled both companies to concentrate on new sports areas in which the other partner was already represented.
  • Besides this, integration enables unifying culture, uniform norms of quality, communication, objectives, better planning, taking advantage of economies of scale, etc.

The disadvantages of Vertical integration are that it kills competition, leads to oligarchic or monopolistic companies thereby increasing the price. At times it may kill flexibility, creativity, and innovation as it loses its ability to be agile and flexible. It refers to the expansion of business at the same point in the supply chain.

Tax Saving Investment Made Simple

Adidas had developed state-of-the-art technologies such as Adidas_143, A3®44 and ClimaCool45, whereas Reebok, on the other hand, had product innovations including the Pump 2.046 and DMX47 (Rygl et al. 2006). In addition, the merger enabled both companies to concentrate on new sports areas in which the other partner was already represented. It was important for Adidas that each brand could concentrate on its core competencies and retain its unique identity (Holtbrügge and Hausmann, 2017). For example, in addition to the headquarters of both companies, the R&D centres were each independently managed (Holtbrügge and Hausmann, 2017). An example of a successful M&A is the merger of Adidas with the US group Reebok. The merger has improved Adidas\’ presence in the North American market, which accounts for almost half of global sporting goods sales .

Means when capturing the same label value chain company it provides the overall development of a company. The supply chain process – if companies want to expand their business then they need to control the supply system. Horizontal integration is another competitive strategy that companies use. An academic definition is that horizontal integration is the acquisition of business activities that are at the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries.

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