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Ideal Sex Location For a great Aquarius Guy

Considering the drinking water sign of Aquarius, you can expect a little more sexual activity savvy than your standard zodiac sign. A man with this horoscope will probably be interested in a number of things including foreplay, gizmos, dressing up and playing with gadgets.

Aquarius men are known to possess hidden erogenous zones. To tap into this, you may want to find positions wherever your partner holds your ankles.

The G-Whiz is a great sort of this. This sex status uses your woman’s G-spot to induce her.

The peach placement is a great choice with regards to Aquarius guys. It allows you to get down and dirty while even now looking great. The trick is a lot more difficult than it looks.

The Kama Sutra is another sexual intercourse position that Aquarius guys are likely to be interested in. In this location, your partner goes in from lurking behind and is placed face straight down with her body slightly lifted. It is just a very romantic and full-body knowledge.

The G-Whiz location is a ingenious take on the missionary situation. It comes with a woman relaxing her calf muscles on your shoulder muscles. You can also tie a man made fiber tie to hers to enhance your mans libido.

The twisted rain forest is another that you consider. The name suggests that this position may be the sexiest of most. It is best to discover a partner that’s flexible enough to do it.

The finest sex position for an Aquarius guy isn’t necessarily the most difficult one, however the most interesting one. Is definitely the to test out a number of positions to see what their partner is quite interested in.

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