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Moxie Global is a CPD accredited provider offering professional development for individuals seeking to develop the tools and skills needed for future proofed leadership. We offer high quality executive learning that you can translate into action in your work. Workshops are detailed below.

Mastering Impactful Connections


Achieve purpose and growth through relationships. Understand what motivates impactful connections and that every connection is a foundation for growth.

Understand stakeholders and the impact your strategies have on these groups.

Mastering Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity incorporates independent thinking and perspectives providing the instrument to design artefacts that reflect the new emerging future.

Diversity delivers results.
Make a success of diversity in all areas developing a sense of accountability.

Mastering a Legitimate Executive Presence


Develop and demonstrate credibility by making the most of your skills and the most of your brand.

Your portfolio should be aligned with goals. Regularly monitor and proactively develop skills. Visibility and purposeful action.

Mastering developing Trust


We evaluate the interactive competences of individuals and organisations and drive improvements in social anchorage.
Trust relationships deliver on goals. Develop long term relationships. Work collaboratively for mutual benefit.

Owner Management


Focus on your personal growth cultivating the leadership capabilities you need to support your company through its next stage of growth. Enhance your strategic network with other entrepreneurial owners.
Through workshops, executive group coaching sessions and the sharing of best practices, delegates gain the relevant tools they need to drive their business to succeed.

Transitioning Leaders: 100 days


The first 100 days:
Gain the support of your team and achieve results driven performance.

New Competences of Leadership


Execution is what matters. A clear grasp of strategy for differentiation in an ever more crowded market and the ability to empower people to sustain high performance.

You need confidence to act, to show competent and authentic leadership. Drawing on this to translate strategy into ongoing support for an evolving environment.

lady boss
Advancing Women in Leadership

This Leadership Programme for female executives helps to cultivate your leadership capabilities and to enhance your strategic network with other senior women.
Through in-depth executive group coaching sessions, the use of feedback tools, inspirational sessions, and the sharing of best practices, participants are given the development they need to make the next step in their career.

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